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Board of Directors


Executive Board 



M. Jenkins Bawoh 


Vice Chairperson

Dr. Wendy Haynes


Chairman, Financial Oversight Committee 

Francis N. Thomas


Gina Patterson


Board Members:

Andrew Zaff

Jeffrey Allen

Abubakarr Alex-Kamara


Executive Leadership 


Chief Executive Officer

Albert Senesie


Leandrea Brantle

Habib Jalloh


Chief Financial Officer

Jackie Lawson

Chief of Staff

Karen Lai-Fook



Department Heads


Sr. Program Director, AFC

Evans Chiyombwe

Director of Services, DDS

Melissa Kapulka

Compliance Director

Candi Ramos

Director, Human Resources

​Jesika Clerge


Director, Information Systems & Technology

David O’Donoghue

Discover Victory Human Services!

Over twenty years ago, our founders, frustrated with the lack of leadership and career opportunities for Blacks, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) created a different kind of human services agency. Even though the majority of human service professionals are people of color, there were few in leadership and change-making positions. Therefore, our founders took the bold step of creating a new agency.


The goal of Victory Human Services is to provide high quality services to communities of color that have been historically disadvantaged, while also being on the forefront of advocating for the rights of people with disabilities.

Today, we are the largest minority-led human service agency in Massachusetts, with our leadership team and Board predominately people of color.  We provide in-home care and support to seniors and individuals with developmental disabilities in Boston, Brockton, Springfield and the surrounding areas.

Our core belief is that “people are greater than their disabilities," and our services reflect this value.

All of our Victory Human Services (VHS) clients are at high-risk and without VHS services would not be able to remain in their homes and community safely.  Our goal is to provide our clients the opportunity to live more independently, and to participate and to thrive in the broader community with dignity.

VHS serves more than 650 clients and trains and supports 500+ caregivers who take care of vulnerable family members within their homes and community.  Our VHS client profile is diverse and our strong cultural competencies allow us to serve clients from a broad range of countries of origin including: Haiti, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, many other African Countries, Dominican Republic, Central and South America, Vietnam, and more.

We are also proud of our FRONT-LINE WORKERS serving during the COVID-19 pandemic.    Our staff are heroes, supporting clients who have been impacted by COVID-19, allowing them the opportunity to recover safely within their homes.  They continue to go above and beyond, providing the same quality services that keep our clients safe.


Your tax-deductible contribution enables Victory Human Services to support its programs, and increase our outreach and the number of people we serve, while also supporting us in a time when we face unparalleled financial pressures from COVID-19.  We can't thank you enough! Every tax-deductible collar that you can afford to give really helps!  

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