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Welcome to
Victory Human Services! 


Home care with a difference! For more than 20 years, we have served communities of color as a non-profit, experienced provider of quality, culturally competent home care services.  We believe that individuals with medical conditions, disabilities and mental illness are valuable members of society and have the right to live with dignity. We have the experience, knowledge, linguistic capacity and skills to provide effective and respectful clinical care and in-home support to individuals from a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds.


We develop effective service and treatment plans in partnership with the individuals served, promoting community integration and fostering well-being and independence.  Our culturally diverse Caregivers are highly-trained, whether they are family members or Caregivers. Whether it is In-Home support, Caregiver Homes or Shared Living homes, we support individuals in our homes for as long as needed.


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Discover Our Programs and Services:
Adult Family Care (AFC)
also known as Adult Foster Care
Home care for seniors in communities of color in Massachusetts.

When Jamal's mother could not live alone any longer, he brought her to live with his family in Brockton.  He was eager to be trained as a caregiver and felt that he wanted to 'give back' for all of the years that his mother had taken care of him. However, it was hard making ends meet with yet another person to feed and shelter.  Then he heard about Victory Human Services AFC program - Adult Family Care. Now he receives a monthly payment that allows him to take care of his mother with dignity. "I never thought we would be this happy again," Jamal says, "Thank you, Victory Human Services."

To become a Member of our Adult Family Care (AFC) program, and be eligible for our program and services, the person who needs assistance must be:

• 16 years of age or older
• Eligible for Medicaid (MassHealth)
* Requires 24-hour live-in assistance....

Are you caring

for a family member?

If so, you may be eligible for monthly tax-free financial support, as well as training and assistance to help you care for your loved one in your own home.  Adult Family Care (AFC) allows you to provide the best possible care for your family member or another individual living with you.


Are you a giving person who wants to share

your home?


Our Caregivers are highly trained culturally competent individuals who provide a safe and comforting home for adults who need assistance.  We have a complete screening and training process for Caregivers who want to receive financial assistance to help support an adult in need living in their home.

We provide quality, culturally competent adult care in:




Haitian Creole

  Kreyol Ayisyen





Cape Verdean Creole




and numerous others!

"It gives me peace of mind knowing that my mom is happy, independent, and safe in her own home with her family around. I enjoy caring for her and making sure she is taken care of at all times" - Jamal, Springfield.

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)
Aquired Brain Injury services and Home care for seniors in communities of color in Massachusetts.

Meet Jasmine of Hyde Park, who has an acquired brain injury. An acquired brain injury (ABI) is damage to the brain that was not present at birth. It is not hereditary or degenerative such as Alzheimer’s Disease or Parkinson’s Disease.  A non-traumatic ABI can result from stroke, infection to the brain, encephalitis, a brain tumor, lack of oxygen and other causes... 

Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS)
Home care for seniors and people with disabilities in communities of color in Massachusetts.

Imelda lives in Dorchester with two other individuals.  All three have been friends for years, and have a good relationship and enjoy sharing activities. When the previous agency that was helping Imelda had to close, she was referred to Victory Human Services by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services.

From the the time she became a... 

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